Neighborhoods & HOAs

Distinctive by Design

A common question about the difference between the Town's jurisdiction and the HOA's jurisdiction is what services are provided by each. Westlake is unique and may not provide the same services or programs as our neighboring communities. 

Due to the low tax rate in the community the Town of Westlake utilizes a municipal service delivery model that focuses on providing specific services, outsourcing through privatization and contracting with other government agencies all while still providing exceptional customer service to our residents.

Neighborhood Services

Developers for new developments enter into contracts with the Town of Westlake called Development Agreements that require conditions for construction, installation, and maintenance of certain public and private improvements or amenities within a subdivision. Development agreements for various subdivisions are listed below for your convenience. 

Development Agreements

Subdivision / NeighborhoodDevelopment Agreement(s) Resolution
Carlyle CourtResolution 15-20
EntradaResolution 13-34
Resolution 15-35
Glenwyck FarmsGlenwyck Agreement
GranadaResolution 13-25
Knolls at SolanaResolution 18-49
Resolution 19-03
Quail HollowResolution 16-35
Resolution 17-17
Terra BellaOrd 521
Ord 522
Park Dedication Deed
VaqueroOrdinance 360
Ordinance 444
Wyck HillWyck Hill Agreement

For a more detailed summary click this link here (PDF).

Typical Services Provided

The Town of Westlake and its neighborhoods specialize in different services to maintain the quality of service and aesthetic character the residents of the town have grown to love. The Town typically provides and maintains services for infrastructure such as water, sanitary sewer, the town's ductbank system, thoroughfares (as indicated on the town' comprehensive plan), parks, and of course Westlake Academy.

Neighborhoods with HOAs are typically responsible for the rest of the development's infrastructure such as common spaces, public and private open spaces, landscaping, irrigation, internal private roads, trails, lighting, signage, and fences or walls. 

Additionally, there may be franchise utilities within a development such as gas, electricity, or internet cable which is the sole responsibility of said franchisee to provide and maintain. 

Stay Informed | Register Your HOA Here

Are you the leader of your Homeowner Association (HOA)? Sign-up to improve communication and stay informed about Municipal activities. There is no fee for registering and will remain on file year to year and also placed in the Town's Interactive Neighborhoods Map. 

Why Register?

  • Receive Town communications from the Communication Department about important neighborhood resources and citywide or local events concerning your neighborhood
  • Be featured on an interactive online map to enable prospective residents and others to be knowledgeable of your existence
  • This information is used to facilitate the flow of information regarding neighborhood issues to and from the Town Hall
  • Due to changes in member leadership we need your help to keep our list up to date to better serve you!

Register Here!

Are You in a Special Taxing District?

Some areas of the town may fall under certain special taxing districts such as a Public Improvement District (PID) or a Municipal Utility District (MUD). You can view more about Special Districts of the town by going to this webpage.

Property Tax Rates (2020)

MunicipalityTax Rate
Town of Westlake$0.167880
City of Keller$0.395000
Town of Trophy Club$0.445000
City of Roanoke$0.375120
City of Southlake$0.390000
City of North Richland Hills$0.572184
City of Fort Worth$0.732500


Using the map you can find the locations of Homeowner Associations (HOA) and maintenance responsibilities of parks, open spaces, trails, and roads the Town of Westlake. Click here to view the interactive neighborhood map.


  1. Jarrod Greenwood

    Assistant Town Manager
    Phone: 817-490-5717

  2. Nick Ford

    Development Coordinator
    Phone: 817-490-5742

  3. Ron Ruthven

    Director of Planning & Development
    Phone: 817-490-5739