Trees & Landscaping

Tree Protection & Removal

Protected Trees

A protected tree is any tree that is greater than six caliper inches. Caliper inches are measured 4.5 feet above grade. The following species of trees are not protected by the tree ordinance:

  • Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven).
  • Alibizzia julibrissen (Mimosa).
  • Maclura pomifera (female only) Bois d'Arc.
  • Melia azeoarach (Chinaberry).
  • Salix nigra (Black Willow).
  • Celtis occidentalis laevigata (Hackberry).

Tree Removal / Replacement

Removal of trees is assessed at a valuation of $100/caliper inch. In-lieu of paying into the tree escrow, a tree removal plan along with a landscape plan that shows the number of inches being replaced for every inch removed (inch per inch) can be submitted with your tree survey. 

Replacement trees must be at least three-inch caliper measured 1 foot from the ground and at least 10' feet in height. For all subdivisions (except for the Knolls at Solana), the building pad site (footprint) is not exempt from tree mitigation. 

Permit Requirements

New Construction

All new construction that contains trees on the lot must contain a tree survey and a tree protection plan along with a landscape plan submitted with the building plan set.

All public or private properties, including rights-of-way, public easements, franchises and utility easements, shall be subject to a tree removal permit.

Planned Development Districts

Various Planned Development Districts such as Entrada, Granada, and Vaquero may have additional tree mitigation and landscaping requirements in addition to Chapter 98 of the code of ordinances. Please check the Planned Developments webpage linked on the left sidebar for more information. 

Knolls at Solana & The Crosstimbers Ridge Conservation Area

Steep penalties exist (both public and private) where a tree is removed that is not exempt in the Knolls at Solana or The Crosstimbers Ridge Conservation Area. In addition the Knolls at Solana has its own tree protection / mitigation requirements separate from Chapter 98. The following applies in the Knolls at Solana:

  • Residential building footprints are exempt from tree mitigation
  • Driveway approach and area
  • Side yard setback except for corner lots (removal of any tree greater than 9 inches requires pre approval)
  • No more than five into the rear yard setback (removal of any tree greater than 9 inches requires pre approval)

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