Developing in Westlake


Town of Westlake is a master-planned community. All development in the town must adhere to the requirements documented in the Westlake Code of Ordinances, Planned Development Districts, the Comprehensive Plan, and other such ordinance & policies as adopted by the Town Council.

Development Process

Pre-Development Meetings

The Town of Westlake highly encourages applicants to have a meeting with DRC members to discuss proposals and become familiar with staff, procedures, regulations, and history of Westlake before formal submittal. The meeting gives a chance to go over applicable regulations with the specific property in questions as most properties are zoned as unique Planned Development Districts. You may request a meeting by contacting the Planning & Development Department at (817) 430-0941 or via email at

Formal Submittal

Applicants submit the appropriate application, plans, and fees for review by the DRC at the Town Hall. All applicants must submit by appointment only on Friday afternoons. Please email the Development Coordinator to setup an appointment for submittal.

Development Review Committee (DRC)

The DRC is a committee made up of several representatives from various departments of the town who review the application for compliance with adopted town standards and regulations. The DRC meets once a month to review applications. Upon review, the Coordinator compiles comments from DRC members and forwards them to the applicant for necessary corrections. 

The DRC discusses the following as it relates to development, including, but not limited to: Building Codes, Comprehensive Planning, Drainage, Fire Code, Parks and Open Space, Platting, Site Plans, Thoroughfares, Tree Preservation, Water and Sewer, and Zoning.


Applications/submittals may require revisions to the original plans based on comments provided by the DRC. Upon a second submittal the DRC re-reviews the plans and checks that comments have been addressed or if any new comments may need to be provided to the applicant based on most recent revisions. This step may repeat through multiple revisions as necessary to conform to town standards.

Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z)

If all comments have been addressed by the DRC, and the application requires recommendation or approval by the P&Z, the case will be placed on an agenda for their consideration. Staff prepares a report on the request and places it in the agenda packet along with plans and any other supporting documents related to the case. The P&Z typically meets once a month. The P&Z considers the application, holds a public hearing, and makes a recommendation to the Town Council.

Town Council

Upon a recommendation by the P&Z a case will proceed for consideration by the Town Council. If the P&Z recommended any changes to the project/proposal the applicant submits revised plans and documents. Staff will prepare a report on the request and places it in the agenda packet along with plans and any other supporting documents related to the case. The Town Council typically meets once a month. The Town Council considers the application, holds a public hearing, and takes final action -- approval, approval with conditions, or denial.

Construction Plans & Building Permits 

Following approval by the Town Council submission of construction plans, and in some instances building permits, may commence for staff review. Development projects will follow the Infrastructure Development Process under Public Works.

  1. Planning & Development

    Phone: 817-430-0941