Public Information

Statutory Requirements
The statutory requirements that apply to governmental bodies that have received requests for public information can be found in the Public Information Act, which is codified at chapters 552 of the Government Code.

The governmental body must "promptly" produce public information in response to your request. "Promptly" means that a governmental body may take a reasonable amount of time to produce the information, which varies depending on the facts in each case. The amount of information you have requested is highly relevant to what makes for a reasonable response time.

The Public Information Act prohibits the governmental body from asking you why you want the information you have requested. The governmental body may, however, ask you to clarify your request if they are uncertain as to what you want, and they may discuss with you how the scope of your request may be narrowed if you have requested a large amount of information.

Resolution 16-21 - Adopting the provisions of Section 552.275 of Chamber 552 of the Texas Government Code and establishing a reasonable limit on the amount of time that personnel of the town are required to spend producing public information.

Record Requests Submittal Procedure
A request must be received in writing. Requests may be submitted by letter or by completing a Request for Public Information. Chapter 552 of the Government Code allows the request to be sent via email. Emailed or faxed requests must be submitted to the Town Secretary. Requests for Police and Municipal Court records requests may be submitted directly to the Police Department (City of Keller PD) records manager or Court Administrator. All requests must include (at least) a name and a way to contact the requestor (phone number, fax number, email address, or home address, etc.), and a detailed description of the information being sought.

Records may be provided to a requestor in person or by mail. Requests less than ten (10) pages may be faxed or scanned and emailed. It is the town's policy to provide records in the least expensive manner. If a request can be filled while the requestor waits, that is the best option.

Copies of Records

Charges for copies of public records shall be in accordance with Chapter 70 of the Texas Administrative Code.

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