Sales Policies

Helpful Cemetery Information
The following are sales policies of the I.O.O.F. Westlake Cemetery:

  • Before an interment, entombment, or internment can be done, all fees and charges must be paid in full.
  • The cemetery fee schedule for burial space includes perpetual care, grounds and administrative fees.
  • An adult burial $1,900 and an infant burial is $700.
  • When pre-arranging for graves, niches, memorials, or service fees, the patron may finance the purchase as follows:
    • Payment in full at point of purchase – 5% discount
    • Minimum down payment – 10% of total purchase price
      • For a purchase of $3,000 or less – up to 36 months
      • For a purchase of $3,001 or more – up to 48 months with no interest
    • Memorials, pre-need or at-need, must be paid in full before they are installed
  • Prepaid service fees are placed in our escrow fund as cash is received. One hundred percent (100%) of the fee is escrowed. The patron will not pay more for the service when it is provided. The price is frozen. If, for whatever reason, the funds are refunded to the patron or the patron’s estate, the patron receives only the original amount paid with no interest accrual.
  • For graves or niches, where no burial has occurred, the patron may offer them back to the town and the town will pay the patron 50% of the original purchase price. No interest shall accrue.
  • The town will accept payment in the form of a check or money order.
  • All sales must be made on a Town Installment Agreement and must be approved by the director of parks or their designee. The director of parks at the town shall maintain a contract log for all numbered contracts.
  • For all burials at the cemetery, a signed Interment Authorization must be on file.

Burial Spaces
Also known as lots, graves, plots, or spaces, one full burial space will accommodate:

  • One adult burial
  • One adult and one infant
  • One adult and one urn of cremated remains
  • Two urns of cremated remains

When the patron fails to make regular payments, the town shall cancel the agreement if payments are more than 120 days delinquent. Any money paid to-date on said purchase is forfeited.

The funeral procession enters our gates and is met by an I.O.O.F. Westlake Cemetery employee in an I.O.O.F. Westlake Cemetery vehicle and is lead to the appropriate graveside location. A tent and six chairs are set up for a graveside service along with the casket stand and burlap floor. A brief committal service is held and the burial follows immediately. The family is permitted to witness the burial if they desire.

I.O.O.F. Westlake Cemetery requires that all permanent memorials be lawn-level and bronze (except in Monument Garden, as designated.) Granite bases are required for all lawn-level memorials. Vases are optional and encouraged as they are required for the placement of any type of artificial floral tribute from April 1 - October 31. Vases may be part of the bronze memorial or a separate unit but must be permanent (bronze) in nature. Memorials are placed at the head of the grave; a second bronze memorial is allowed on any single grave as long as it is an individual marker and contains no vase.